The technical meeting of NOC and Waha Oil Company’s Exploration Departments

Exploration Departments at NOC and Waha Oil Company held a technical meeting on Monday 28 August 2017 at NOC HQ in Tripoli.

The meeting was attended by Mr. “Bashir Garea” Manager of Exploration Department at NOC, Mr. “Mahmoud Shbeek” Manager of Exploration Department at Waha Oil Company and a number of superintendents, engineers and specialists. On behalf of the foreign Partner, the meeting was attended by Mr. “Bashir Bezeizi” Vice General Manager of Marathon Oil Corporation, Mr.  “Abdallah Alyaziji” Vice General Manager of Hess Oil Corporation and Mr. “Es-sadeq Nashnoush” Vice General Manager of ConocoPhillips E&P Company.

During the meeting, the Department of Exploration current year’s activity was presented including the G&G studies of the Blocks and Concessions affiliated to the Company, the proposed exploration activity program and the budgets required for the year 2018.

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