Our pipeline products offer a diverse range of installation options, giving you the flexibility to choose the method that aligns best with your specific environment, resources, and application. 


Position pipes in a single-pass operation using a pipeline plow to dig, place the pipe and cover the trench in one go. Perfect for long pipe installations and minimizing environmental disturbances.


Simplify trenching projects with continuous reels of Flexpipe and Flexcord linepipe.
Enable easy unspooling or stringing with minimal manpower or equipment.


Our premium, white, Flexpipe 20-year UV-resistant jacket can be used aboveground for both temporary and permanent surface lines.
Capitalize on convenience with our pipe and fittings, designed for respooling and reuse when used as a temporary surface line.

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Rehabilitation of Failed Steel Pipelines

Many existing steel pipelines are failing due to either internal or external corrosion. Pulling Flexpipe through the failed line is often an economical and operationally viable option.

  • The existing failed pipeline serves as the conduit to pull Flexpipe, or Flexcord Linepipe through
  • Pulling Flexpipe or Flexcord is fast, bringing production back online sooner
  • The construction involved in pulling pipe through existing lines is unobtrusive, allowing for fewer landowner challenges
  • No additional cost required to repair the existing failed pipeline
  • No pressure testing is required for the existing failed pipeline, as the Flexpipe or Flexcord product is the new pipeline

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