High Temperature Performance

Efficiency redefined. With impact-resistant design meant to help remove the need for sand packing. The 20-year UV life of Flexpipe’s HDPE jacket helps in operating temperatures of 60 or 82 degrees Celsius (160 or 180 Fahrenheit).  

Utilizing PE-RT (polyethylene raised temperature) for both the liner and the jacket, Flexpipe High-Temperature pipe is multi-purpose and able to be used in a variety of temperatures and applications; Such as higher production temperatures and hot oiling to aid in wax/paraffin removal.

Heat-Ready Composite Pipe

Install with half the crew size of a standard field installation. The lightweight design enables transport of up to 4,800m per truck. Unleash superior performance aligned with CSA, API AND ASTM standards when you use Flexpipe HT nonmetallic linepipe.

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