Member of the Board of Directors visits the Asphalt Plant in Benghazi

Within the following up and field visits that NOC  is keen to exercise with different locations of its subsidiaries’ operations, Mr. Jadalla Alaokali Member of the Board of Directors paid a visit to the Asphalt Plant in Benghazi on Wednesday 23 August 2017 in order to familiarize himself with the stages of inspection and maintenance. Mr. Ibrahim Shahat the Manager of the Plant gave adetailed explanation for the performed works and the main challenges that they have been facing in the rehabilitation process of the plant, which has been out of work for more than three years, having been directly hit and its tanks and shipping lines were badly damaged.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Abdalaziz Gaderbouh of NOC and both of the Coordinator of Technical Affairs and Coordinator of Services at Asphalt Plant. This visit comes as in indication of NOC interest in the necessity of acceleration of operating the plant and producing the asphalt substance required for projects of reconstruction of Benghazi city.

After the meeting, a field visit was paid to the plant where Mr. Alaokali commended the efforts exerted by the workers, the Plant’s Management, the Management Committee of Ez-zawia Company and the Companies of Brega, Sirte and AGOCO for their technical support and the assistance to achieve the maintenance, rehabilitation programs and operating the plant as quickly as they should.


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