NOC holds a meeting with Zawia Oil Refining Company

Within the periodic following up of  Zawia Oil Refining Company’s activities,  a meeting was held between specialists from Manufacturing Department, Budgets and Reports Department and General Accounts Department at NOC and Zawia Oil Refining Company on Monday 28/08/2017 at NOC HQ.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Adel Ahmed Tawil Manager of Manufacturing Department, Mr.  Salaheddin Dou Ali Manager of Public Accounts Department and a number of superintendents and coordinators from Department of Budgets and Reports and Department of Manufacturing. On behalf of Zawia Oil Refining Company, the meeting was attended by Mr. Kheireddin Abukhdeir General Manager of Engineering and Projects Department, Mr. Khalid Shaban Iyad Acting Manager of Projects Department, Mr. Nasser Abulgasem Alhater Acting Manager of Accounts and the Coordinator of the studies.

The meeting discussed the approved capital projects and presented the difficulties faced by Zawia Oil Refining Company in implementing the capital budgets and projects approved in the previous years. The meeting also discussed the mechanism of cooperation between the financial departments at NOC and Zawia Oil Refining Company in a way that contributes to facilitating the financial procedures and implementing the projects according to the procedures, legal regulations and resolutions issued in this regard.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to hold such meetings between the relevant departments at NOC and Zawia Oil Refining Company at regular intervals to mitigate any difficulties that face the Company in implementing the projects and capital budgets. 

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